Iqra Islamia Rozatul Quran Lil Atfal  Educational Society Quetta  is an institute providing educational facilities to the public. We maintain a very healthy environment of education. We are providing tuition from Montessori to 8th Grade. Besides providing an experience of academic excellence, attention is given to the personal, social and intellectual growth of the children. This all-round growth is of prime importance and remains the ultimate objective. IIqra Islamia Rozatul Quran Lil Atfal  Educational Society Quetta has been educating generations of young students to become useful citizens of their country. We provide education in a peaceful atmosphere under high qualified teachers.

Principal's Message :

When you start to educate your child, choose to impart the knowledge of Quran. In Pakistan, the first institute where your child should be placed, where he/she is able to practice the knowledge of Quran, in our school. The Islamic education in its real science by far enhances the conduct and character of a person. In achieving the desired objectives and goals of importing round knowledge and education to children, we strive constantly and continuously to the best of our abilities and resources.

Nawa Killi Hanna Ziarat Cross Quetta
Balochistan, Pakistan